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In this era where aesthetics play an important role, why not choose a siding that is made up of organic materials and uplifts the look of your home? What can be better than wood siding for your home exterior? It will give a natural, yet exotic look. If you are looking for a company that provides the best quality wood siding installation services, your search ends with Superior Siding Companies San Antonio!

Installing siding on your own is quite a daunting task. Thus, you should always opt for professionals to do the job. Wood siding is easy to maintain, sustainable, and gives your house a rustic and natural look. It even increases the resale value of the house. We strongly value our clients’ opinions. They can choose from an array of options that our company provides. Some of them are, beveled siding, paneling, shakes, and board and batten. 

To elaborate on a few of the types mentioned above, here are a few details that you might find helpful. The shakes are the best type of wood siding to increase visual appeal. On the other hand, board and batten is a more traditional style of wood siding. However, beveling provides a thicker kind of siding than the styles previously mentioned. All sorts of wood siding require sealing. We use paint, stain, and sealer to carry out this process.

Wood Siding San Antonio Families Love So Much, Over Fiber Cement Siding & Vinyl Siding: All You Need For Your San Antonio Texas Home

The paint for wood siding is quite essential. It needs to be done and redone after every five years. Our wood siding San Antonio homeowners can’t get enough of, is installed by a team that helps our clients with proper guidance regarding paint and finishing styles. Wooden siding, as mentioned in the previous section, offers an aesthetic look to your home exterior. We offer both kinds of sidings, vertical and horizontal, as per the client’s requirement. Our aim, however, remains to add every bit of elegance possible to your home exterior.

Wood siding is the most sustainable option out of all the siding options we offer. It is also a biodegradable choice. In this world full of metals and concrete, it brings a serene and organic look to your home. Wood siding is a reasonably strong facade for your home’s exterior. It offers essential protection from all sorts of external damage. It has a considerably fair cost compared to the other kinds of siding options such as vinyl, aluminum, etc. To choose the proper kind of wood siding, one has to check that it provides all-around protection. Nobody wants to expose their home to any kind of external damages. Our company cares about the client’s satisfaction, as far as protection is concerned. 

We provide our clients with insect-resistant and rot-resistant products. So, if you’re thinking about giving your beloved home an organic, yet sustainable touch, we can assure you that wood siding is your perfect choice! We also offer low maintenance fiber cement siding and vinyl siding if traditional wood isn’t your cup of tea! Located in beautiful San Antonio TX, we are ready to offer you a free estimate for your siding, that will be followed up by professional installation. If you do not have time to call, simply fill out our contact form with a good number to reach you and a valid email address, and an expert from our great company will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: We only work on replacement siding and siding repair. We are not general contractors, but if you have a few questions on other repairs, we are happy to answer them and refer you to someone who can help.